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11/21/2020 5:14:19 PM

Shadebinder melee nerf

So you guys correctly noticed getting frozen by shadebinders was a pain in PVP and decided to nerf it, but you went about it the wrong way about it imho. Shadebinders were annoying because they were the best at freezing people, but it was freezing itself the problem. Nobody likes being frozen. Hard crowd control in any game where you directly control your character is a pain. Shadebinders just happened to be the best at it. How about you give warlocks their range back, and just change all stasis abilities that freeze people to only freeze PVE targets and just slow players instead ? Like Hunters' melee. This would not only make shadebinder melee balanced without gutting it in PVE, but would make playing PVP against any stasis class much more fun. That way, the only thing that could freeze a player would be the stasis grenade launcher (which is a heavy exotic weapon) and maybe supers, so freezing has a decent cost of opportunity to offset its strength. Oh, also, please for the love of the Traveler, GIVE US THE OPTION TO HAVE SEPARATE KEY BINDINGS FOR CHARGED MELEE AND REGULAR MELEE. We've been asking for it for YEARS (see pic). Since you halved Shadebinder melee range, it fizzles out of existence after 16m. But anywhere below like 7m, your character lunges at your target and hits them with a useless uncharged melee before getting stomped into walls, immediately dying. That means Shadebinder melee can only be used between 7-16m. It's terrible to play. It feels horrible. I get balance is the most important, but fun should be a close second as far as considerations go.



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