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11/20/2020 12:39:23 AM

I don't like getting angry over a game but shadebinder melee feels like garbage in pve now

Shadebinder melee is painfully low range now. Couple that with the fact that if you're too close you just slap the enemy it feels really bad to use. I feel like I'm trying to hit a small goldilocks zone on a target that is either moving towards me or away from me (teleporting enemies are annoying too but they were annoying before the nerf). Put simply: Either the melee range needs to be increased a bit for ease of use (5-6m) OR I need to be able to use my ranged melee against enemies if they are closer than 7m. Either of these changes would fix this issue. But as shadebinder melee currently stands I'd rather use dawnblade or nova bomb in pve. It just feels so bad to use that melee. Please, the changes were overall pretty alright and didn't affect pve too much EXCEPT for the melee range nerf.



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