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ragscoonにより編集済み: 11/19/2020 7:23:40 PM

Titan Stasis Melee needs to be inline with other subclass melees

I'm trying to get used to this new Stasis subclass, but one thing I noticed is that the melee ability of the titan is not inline with the way ALL the other melee for the light subclasses work. My main issue is the Melee RESET, you see in the other Titan subclasses if you melee and miss, your melee charge is not wasted, sure it has like a .5 sec reset but it's not wasted if it does not connect to a target. It has been quite frustrating trying to do melee bounties and melee objectives with the stasis melee because if your target just moves out of your way when you lunge at them and you miss, you are stuck waiting for the ability to re-charge, this essentially wastes the melee. I've had Shanks and Dregs just side step out of range and now I have wasted my melee. Please make it work like the rest of the light subclass melee, when you miss with shoulder charge or heck even a punch those abilities keep the charge and reset if you miss.



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