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11/13/2020 6:29:28 PM

Behemoth Shivering Strike does not benefit from activation of Heavy Handed mod.

I've been running around testing this and I've consistently not received half melee energy back when using Shivering Strike while charged with light. At least not at the right time. The Firepower mod affects my Stasis grenades just fine, so I know it's not incompatibility with Stasis as a whole. But Heavy Handed is a weird one. I've noticed the Titan melee works in two parts: the dash, and the actual damaging strike. What I've noticed from all my testing, both with and without Heavy Handed equipped, is that both parts of Shivering Strike use [i]half[/i] melee energy. And since all other melees that do work with Heavy Handed use all the energy at once, that's probably what triggers the mod to refund 50% melee energy. I really want to use Heavy Handed for my PvE shotgun build. Shivering Strike is such a good gap closer and it's such a shame what I can only assume is an oversight caused it to not work with certain mods.



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