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10/28/2020 2:04:48 PM

[Artic Proxy] Suggestions?

Hello world! I'm messaging all who can see and hear, as I am looking for recommendations on what to do in my predicament. The issue is as follows: I cannot seem to acquire Artic Proxy, a beautiful snow camoflauge shader of "rare" rarity, that most players obtain by running strikes or turning in cryptarch packages. But even after resetting my Warlock (years ago now) I haven't quite been able to pinpoint this wonderful shader. I'm just quite frustrated with how elusive it truly is. I can complete raids with friends and get Exotics left and right, not too mention the rare items that drop (like ships and sparrows) but never the one true thing I look to acquire since the early days of Destiny as a whole. As a D1 beta player I thought I had a grasp on how the world of Destiny functioned, but I fear I'm sadly mistaken, for "fortune favors the bold" and I feel that for as much time and effort I've put into the game that I surely could've earned a certain blue rarity shader..... There's not much anyone can do, but perhaps someone else out there has also experienced this lack of Artic Proxy? Anywho, thanks all for reading!



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