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Destiny について話し合おう
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The story behind the marketing of DrCrispy93

[url=]DrCrispy's character in Destiny db[/url] [url=]The trailer[/url] [url=]DrCrispy case study[/url] Case Study's description:[quote]To launch Destiny's DLC The Dark Below, we used unconventional means. Knowing gamers are really into acquiring new weapons, armor and gear, we created a fictitious gamer named DrCrispy who had been to The Dark Below before anyone else, and had the gear to prove it. We introduced DrCrispy to the world via, a leaderboard of the world's best Destiny players that was constantly checked. We put him at the top, and gave him a level not yet available in the game.This fueled speculation among core gamers. When the film dropped two days later, gamers got to see more of DrCrispy in action and fuel their loot lust.[/quote] [armory]DrCrispy93[/armory] seems to have moved on with his life. lol



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