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10/26/2020 2:45:25 PM
[quote][b][u]Read the entire post please[/b][/u] :) Do you have an XBOX ONE clan for Beyond Light? Want to get things done without the added pressure of daily play expectations? We may be a good fit for you! We reach level 6 every season and are looking to boost our active endgame numbers. We are a good mix of members with varying play times (mostly U.S. and UK time zones) looking for more age 18+ guardians to help us reach our goal of being a productive clan! [b]Check out our clan page[/b]: [u]Swish-n-Flick has 35 open spots[/u]: [url][/url] [u]Swish-and-Flick has 13 open spots[/u]: [url][/url] [b]Basic Expectations[/b]: - Age 18+ only - Must join and be active within our Discord server, as all coordination and planning for activities is done there - Grouping with clan mates is expected (otherwise, why join a clan?) - Active at least once every 2 weeks. If you're inactive for 14+ days, you may end up losing your spot [b]How to join[/b]: [b]COMMENT[/b] and [b]UPVOTE[/b] this post for an invite if this sounds good to you! Do NOT simply apply to the clan without posting here. Looking forward to playing with you all and making new friends! And remember, it's LevioSAHHHHHH! Thanks for checking us out![/quote] I’m looking to join?



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