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SumPadoru-2により編集済み: 1/8/2021 7:31:47 AM

Weeb Art (Weebless Edition) - Death Korps of Krieg Guardsman from WH40k

[Gas Mask Noises] [i][Flamer Noises][/i] [Heretical Screaming] -- I haven't really gotten into WH40K yet, but I do know of these Krieg folks, and I gotta say. They're pretty cool. Nuked their planet's surface uninhabitable, wear gas masks and trench coats, mass suicide charges in the name of the Emperor, also somehow the best in wars of attrition, entrenchment tools! I'll read up on these guys later (using a wiki) I mainly drew this cause the gas mask had some [i]nice[/i] sides, makes for easy shading without the need to account for the roundness of the object... like the helmet I also tried out something new: Not using the blend tool! But also shading in with lines! And it looks pretty neato if I do say so myself! I wanna do another! It'll be bigger, I wasn't able to draw the filling here cause I used a page with something already on it. I actually only planed for the head. [spoiler]bout time I drew something... Oh right, I did draw something earlier than this... might be able to see a sliver of it on the top left of the picture. It's a doodle so I'll post later.[/spoiler] [spoiler] I guess this could be seen as thanks to Lee for that RP character draw. I mean... We all know I was bored and was looking up tactical shovel memes cause I just watched a Markiplier Phasmaphobia videos out of the blue–cause I don't usually watch Markiplier–until I eventually learned of Death Korp of Krieg awesome-sauce... but we can go with that. Edit: oh neat! 27 updooters minus down dooters [/spoiler] [spoiler]surprisingly a close resemblance to my RP character... and this was before I've ever heard of 'em![/spoiler] This was made on 10/21/20



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