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10/26/2020 7:56:59 AM

Trials is great, when you can actually play it.

I’ve been a long time Destiny fanatic and can say that I have thousands of hours across both games since the original launch back in 2014. I love almost everything about both of these games. But Bungie, something is seriously wrong with your servers and the amount of disconnects you run into when trying to run some of the highest level activities. Just this weekend I have been error coded and kicked out of over a DOZEN matches. I cannot begin to explain how frustrating it is to not only have to restart a card but then be forced into matchmaking with other teams at higher wins, and that’s not even mentioning how bad it feels to leave your fireteam in a 2v3 situation which can be incredibly tough in today’s meta. I can assure you, my internet connection is not the issue. I very rarely run into problems with my connection on my Xbox or my phone, laptop, etc. But for some reason I run trials and I can’t catch a break. Please, for the love of god, attempt to fix this issue with Beyond Light. I absolutely LOVE this game, but I cannot consistently enjoy the experience if I can’t even play it.
#Help #Errorcodes



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