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10/23/2020 11:34:26 PM

[XBOX] - Looking for members, not numbers!

[XBOX] Looking for more than just numbers! [XBOX] [World-Wide] [PRIM] Primitive Leviathans is recruiting! Our main clan is full but our second clan is open and in need of members. Hello all I am the Clan Leader for Primitive Leviathans, we are an Xbox/PC gaming community and our Xbox Destiny 2 clan is in need of more active guardians! What you can expect from our community: Friendly, mature, non-toxic, and organized community Community that is willing to assist you in all activities Dedicated and organized Discord Server & Bots What we are seeking: -Members not numbers -Active PVP & PVE players -Active raiders and raid chaperones Our Requirements: -Must be willing to follow Destiny & Community guidelines/rules -Must be 16+ -Must join community Discord -Must be active in our community, this is not a clan for rewards & AFK/ reward farming players are culled My Xbox, Bungie and Discord Name: SneakMaple99791 We appreciate your consideration! We are an invite only community so if you’re interested please message me or comment on this post. Clan link: Discord link: Once you join, you are given an invite.



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