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10/25/2020 2:16:40 AM
[quote][b]PLEASE UPVOTE THIS FORUM POST AND JOIN HERE:[/b] [u][b]ABOUT RA1D:[/b][/u] We like to think of our clan as one big family. Our clan is for people who enjoy playing Destiny as a way to relax and have fun. Some members in our clan play during the day, and some play at night. Our members are from all over the world so finding a team should be no problem! Our clan is for social people that like to get things done, without all the toxicity you might find with random people from an lfg. It's a clan for people to make friends in Destiny and sometimes play other games with them. We are one big family and always enjoy randomly running into each other while playing Destiny. So if this sounds like a fit for you, please request to join through our discord link above! [u][b]RA1D COMMUNITY:[/b][/u] Our server is open to anyone that wants to join whether you’d like to join one of our clans or stay in one of your own. Non-members do not have as many server perks as members but if you are looking to get stuff done our social and lfg channels are open to all! [u][b]CLAN SUMMARY:[/b][/u] -A clan to play Destiny the way it should be played, with friends -Easy to use Discord server with custom roles and stat-checking -Destiny Guide Server, with all the info you need for any activity -Only casual sweats, people who are social and enjoy gaming with other people -Active membership, we cycle out anyone with 3+ weeks or inactivity to keep it fresh. We keep all members in the server so you can easily get back into a clan after a break! [u][b]CLAN EVENTS:[/b][/u] -Season of Clan Wars (Weekly clan battles in pve, pvp, raids, and gambit) -Dedicated day for getting weekly clan engrams done -Throwback Thursday (dust off your D1 disc and play some classics) -First Time Fridays (Raid teaching of a weekly featured raid) -RanDIM Loadouts (let Destiny Item Manager pick your loadout in a fun pvp private match) -Drunk Destiny (get in a huge party and be loud and rowdy, usually during RanDIM loadouts :) -Weekly giveaway of emblems, gift cards, raid clears, etc... [u][b]SUMMARY OF CLANS:[/b][/u] XBOX-25 Clans PSN-7 Clans PC-15 Clans STADIA-1 Clan [b]Check out our socials too![/b] TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK: TIK TOK: DISCORD:[/quote] Hey I’m interested if you guys are still recruiting



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