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10/23/2020 5:44:31 PM

Terrible FPS drop

Let's see if somebody can't help me or is having the same problem as me, I'm starting to get desperate. So I'm playing with an ASUS laptop with i5-8300H @2.3Ghz, Geforce GTX 1050 4gb and 8gb RAM. The game runs usually well except when I play crucible or Gambit, as soon as I see a player or a player gets close to me I go from 50-60 fps to 10-20 fps (even when I just launched de laptop and the game, so may be it is not a cooler problem) I tried almost everything, it doesn't matter if I lower the settings (currently playing on the lowest settings with fps cap at 56 and FOV 80). Also I reinstalled the game, reinstalled the drivers, removed the windows game bar, give the game more priority trough the task manager, edited the energy settings on windows, even I changed the audio settings (Some players found this solution quite useful). If there is any more solution that helped to anybody, let me know, thank you in advance.
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