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10/24/2020 6:16:49 AM

FPS reduced on multiplayer playlists

Specs: e5 2620 v2 2.1ghz HIS rx 570 4gb 600W power supply Korean brand (True Rated) 16gb ram 1600 DDR3 Fps drops to 40 to 57 range whenever on social areas like crucible rumble and 6v6 etc. Tried lowering settings and FPS is still the same. It is not a cpu bottleneck since my cpu is constant from 60%-70% usage while gpu reaches 100%. I dont have this issues on solo missions (in solo I get 70-100 fps on medium to high settings) just when other players are around. PSU is ok as well since I can run heavy games like SOTR and Horizon Zero Dawn smoothly, also tried overclocking to its max capable and PSU can still keep up. My first suspicion is the connection since it only happens when there are other players around which doesn't make sense how internet could affect my FPS greatly. The issue started when Season of Arrivals is about to start. My only hope for now is for the new DLC (Beyond Light) to fix this issue or for someone to recommend me a fix to this problem. For now I'm going to ignore Destiny 2.
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