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Destiny 2

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10/24/2020 1:02:19 AM

Emote Idea

So after sometime of taking a break from Destiny 2 (mostly due to other games coming out and my normal Fireteam/Raid Team broke up) i have found that there are a lot of cool emotes, some even allow others to interact with it (Like the "Hug" emote and a few others) i was thinking of some cool ideas for some new ones and what came to mind when i was thinking of the word "Emote" was the "Ginyu Force" from Dragonball Z and "Great Saiyaman" (Or Superhero Gohan) i know Destiny already has a Dragonball themed Emote, but it would be cool to see emotes from other shows... maybe Naruto, One Peice, KonoSuba (was thinking of Aqua's water tricks as an emote) i mean the options are endless... anyways... if your reading this and have an idea, leave it below if you can attach a photo too (not sure if you can leave pics.... still learning things lol) Thanks for reading!



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