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10/23/2020 12:21:51 AM

Hellas Basin Brewery is now serving endgame focused adult Gaurdians. [BREW] [ps4] [endgame] [21+] [discord]

So what is the Brewery? Founded by a group of individuals seeking to complete end game objectives and goals while maintaining a light and friendly atmosphere, the Brewery is a community that seeks to align like-minded players. Power level a little low? Don't quite have that exotic yet? Our dedication to HBB is paramount in community involvement. We are accomplished Guardians looking to effectively build a community of high-skill players. Elitism and toxicity is not welcomed, but healthy competition and boasting is invited. We are a relaxed group looking to enjoy ourselves and play a game, but at the end of they day we are also a very goal oriented group. Are you a good fit for the Brewery? The Brewery is a community oriented group. If you're a lone wolf, or someone who doesn't appreciate community involvement, this probably isn't the clan for you. We have a very active and relaxed discord server where we all participate. Our goal is to recruit like minded guardians into the roster of Hellas Basin Brewery. If you find yourself seeking guardians that aspire for a deeper understanding of the game, and a community to thrive within D2, you're in the right place. Requirements for membership- 21+ (sorry little lights, come back for a pint later) Discord Server Participation Endgame ready and current DLC [url=]Hellas Basin Brewery[/url] If you've made it this far, go ahead and apply, or message one of our admins for a discord invite. We look forward to welcoming you to the Brewery.



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