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10/23/2020 11:10:47 PM

Account transfer?

hey fellas, 7 months ago I got banned from destiny. I love playing this game so much that I made a new steam account and re-bought and replayed the whole game. it gets annoying having to sign in and out of steam all the time when I want to play d2. does anyone know if I can like to switch the d2 account or something? (btw if u want to know how I got banned, I got pissed off at all the hackers in trials at one point and was thrown into a blind rage. in the heat of the moment, I got some sketchy free hack and got perma-banned before I even got to the character select screen. I understand why I got banned, but idk why it was permanent. like I'm a first time offender, and I've played since the launch and never had any problems.)
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