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Had a nightmare last night.

This is a weird one because I can still remember all the very vivid details about it. So I’m going to share it. So basically me and a bunch of other people were stuck in this giant house, all the lights were off, and the only light source was this loud tv upstairs in the attic. All the rooms were huge as well. There was this monster as well. We called him Carnivore, and basically he would eat a doll or puppet and turn into a nightmarish version of them (Elmo was one he turned into and it was awful) he made no noise, crawled on the walls and ceiling, was SEVEN FEET TALL and freakishly fast. He would grab one person and yank them off into the darkness without a noise, and within a second. The tv was the only light we had, and we would be barely able to see him crawling around the walls and room. The dream went on for 3 nights. He would terrorize us all night and take one person away. One the night was over, it would skip forward to the next night and start again. By the 4th night I realized I was in a dream, and tried to wake myself up, but I couldn’t. This is honestly the first time I haven’t been able to wake myself up once I realized I was in a dream. But then I tried lucid dreaming. I turned the downstairs into a replica of my house, went to where we kept the guns, and shot him. After that I woke up in a cold sweat. One of the weirdest and scariest dreams I’ve had in a while. I’m never going to forget that.



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