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10/22/2020 3:14:15 PM

[PC/PS4/Xbox] The Queens Court 11 Clans, 1 Massive Family!

Hey there, Guardian! Here's the tea: Our Bragging Rights - Several Super cool, super awesome clans for all platforms and player goals! - 1 Amazingly designed sherpa program for ALL of our discord members - Community Member ALL-ACCESS PASS! (You don't need to be in one of our clans to roll with us!) - "Friends Conquer Here" is our motto for a reason, and we pride ourselves on it! - One big family of friends, jokesters, troublemakers (the good kind), and gamers. - We pride ourselves on creating a safe space for every user and include preferred pronouns as a selectable option to apply to your account if you so wish! - Regular debates about the location of pineapple to pizza. Your Bragging Rights - Community Hosted Events (in-game AND out! Oh yes, Cards Against Humanity, private matches, you name it.) - Verified Respectful and Patient Sherpas through ANY raid you could dream of once you become a Member! (though our D1 skills are a lil rusty) - Specialized social chats for your pets, your food, your favorite sports team, your funniest meme, and more! - Active LFG channels for in-game needs and friends! - Staff team to help you with the ins and outs of Discord if social platforms aren't your thing. - Opportunities to become staff with us! - Destiny 2 specific discussions for all of your game needs! - Discord Nitro Fan Club that gets emotes on request and role-color changes! Welcome to The Queens' Court, Guardian - WELCOME HOME. [url][/url]



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