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10/23/2020 5:03:18 PM

Pinnacles are worthless

Endgame has been the only thing pulling me in for the last 2 months, but I no longer enjoy it. 5/5 pinnacle activities I did this week were all energy weapons, to say nothing of the three I did last week, at least 2 of which were ALSO energy weapons. I've been stuck at 1068-1069 (thanks only to the artifact) for about 3 weeks. Congrats Bungie, I no longer care about gaining any more power before the new expansion. Dungeon? Guess not. Next season pinnacles? Absolutely not unless I see a promise of foolproofing this broken system. Less RNG, more rewards that actually mean something, even if it's just an inch of progress. "Try one more, you can't get the same thing SO many times" no longer works on me. I don't care if the 6th activity I do this week will be "the one". It'll just be another pulse rifle and another waste of 2 hours.



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