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10/23/2020 4:35:11 PM

Item Transfer - Emotional Keepsake

My son had passed away about a year ago. I had some questions pertaining to the game, regarding that which he had favored so much. You didn't really have a support aspect in being able to communicate with Bungie privately, and this isn't something I wanted to post publicly on your support forums. I had attempted to contact multiple Bungie personal through Discord, however, no one ever responded. I'm sure they probably get multiple private messages daily. My son played this game and loved it dearly. He was born with a mental development disorder. There was (What I now know) an ornament from one of your seasons (Seasons of the Undying) where it provided the look of "wings" which he referred to it as. I don't want to play on my son's account, but I was wondering if it could be transferred to my (this) account, so that I may have it, use it as a remembrance of him. I understand that this might not be understandable to some people. He had begged me to play with him all the time, but with my job and everything I was never really able too, and when I did play it was usually with co-workers from the PD, and we played CS:GO mainly. I'm not asking this out of guilt of never having had the opportunity to play with my son, as we did a lot outside the gaming life, however, I was really wanting to have this as a keepsake to always wear it in remembrance of him. I never understood why this game meant so much to him, or why he loved the ornament so much. I just want to be able to have it for him. I can show evidence of everything if needed, and show proof of ownership of the other STEAM account. Please, if you will contact me regarding my question. It would mean a lot to me. Thank you. Discord: Kalsupes#6203
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