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10/23/2020 4:33:02 PM


Northstar is happy to announce that we are currently recruiting for more active guardians! As a clan we routinely complete raids and all other end game activities! we do offer Sherpa raids as well! we are a primarily US base clan with players from east to west, we are a 21+ clan with activity in discord and in game throughout the day! we have multiple events posted for every level of Guardian, do you want to try to beat the top times for raids? or are you just wanting to play the game casually? Challenge yourself? friendly competition is always welcomed! Basically, play how you want! we’re looking to have a non-toxic community and if there’s any issues please feel free to address them. this is ultimately a clan to make friendships and enjoy the game and possibly other games as well! Clan summary: - Enjoy playing destiny with friends and clan mates - Very organized discord with multiple events daily - win prizes! Always have contests/giveaways going on! - Friendly players of all skill levels - Never need to use LFG Clan requirements: - 21 years and older - N.A. only - Remain active! both in game and in discord (both are monitored) - Participate in clan events , i.e. raids crucible strikes pinnacle runs etc. - Season pass required with at least one character at 1000 power - Have a thick skin and a sense of humor We look forward to playing with you soon! — ONCE ACCEPTED, be ready for a quick introduction through discord, I will reach out to you 👍 Click to apply Please upvote this post and join us on discord! the link will be sent to you



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