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10/23/2020 2:41:09 PM

[XB1] [Clan] JOIN OUR ENDGAME CLAN | Deep Stone Cryptkeepers | Raids | GM NF |

Come prep for Beyond Light and Day 1 Raid with an active clan. Notable clan stats: > 11,000+ raid clears across the clan > 70+ current members > Daily Activity > Seal and Triumph seekers To join, please meet THREE of the following requirements: > 50+ raid completions > 1.2+ k/d overall (PvP) > Have completed at least 5 Seals > Completed a Flawless Raid or Solo Dungeon Flawless > Power Level Must be a minimum of 1050 Who we are: > A social clan that plays together > A 21 and up adult clan (Must be 21 to join) > US/CAN/GMT members > A discord clan (discord required) Are you tired of joining pointless LFG groups just to leave in frustration? Tired of not having a trusted group of clanmates to run raids, trials or IB? We are an active endgame focused XBOX clan seeking like-minded guardians to join our ranks. We don’t have cliques, we don’t act elitist and we’re not toxic. Instead we focus on building long term friendships (admins play with everyone, not just each other) and devote ourselves to helping our clan members as we grow our community. Follow the link below to join us on discord. Once you’ve arrived, a staff member will help guide you the rest of the way. English



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