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今日、Destiny 2 に更新が入ります。更新をインストールした後、もう一度 Destiny 2 にログインする必要があります。@BungieHelp で更新情報を確認してください。


10/23/2020 1:48:23 PM

❤️Only on Xbox | 4 Clans

|L I Q U I D S K I E S C L A N S| XBOX |BE CLAN READY FOR BEYOND LIGHT| |Liquid Skies|Liquid Z| Liquid.|Liquidate| We are more than just a clan|We are a community of 4 united clans|All sharing one fantastic Destiny 2 discord tied to Charlemagne|A true place to make friendships|Help at every stage of your game|Great gaming values and above all a place to have fun| From new light to D1 vets|Raiders to PvP Junkies|We do it all here|We run monthly tournaments|Don’t imitate|Innovate|Join a community|Step into the light|Bring your game forward|The future is yours|Take it and be apart of one of the best Communities here and only on Xbox| Members with Flawless|Unbroken|Enlightened|Rivensbane|Endless raid clears|Raid Sherpas for every raid| Help ranking up to Legend|Dungeons to Nightmare time trials this community has done it and does it with everyone who becomes a Liquid Skies Community member! 16+|Mic|Active|UK US CA AU|300+Members Liquid Skies Liquid Z Liquid. Liquidate |Please message any of the above clan founders or Any Admins for a clan invite| Bring your game forward|Thankyou Liquid Skies Community❤️ |More than just a clan|



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