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LF active raiding clan PS4 only

I been playing destiny since D1, shortly after release of Forsaken i took a break and came back 5 month's ago. In that time I was able to get caught up with all the content (All raids legit and cheese strategies, exotic, quests) Im online 4-5 nights a week. Unfortunately my original clan did not last and so I'm looking for PS4 active raiding clan based in US. Clan with people who can mess around, and still get staff done. I'm looking for clan that is 18+ maybe even 21+  I would like to be able to raid 2 or maybe even 3 times a week again with Friends and never have to use LFG again 🤣, I have no problem leading or teaching the raids. I'm interested in smaller clans mostly, but if communication is great and new players don't just get lost or is it impossible to get in to groups big clan is also an option. Pleasr DM me in here or PSN my name tag is the same



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