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10/22/2020 11:32:03 PM

Getting account restrictions for seemingly no reason?

Help :/ Hey, I’m an avid destiny player. I love the game. Within the past week my account was unexpectedly ‘restricted’ which has really thrown me as I’ve got no history of cheating or anything of the sort. I’ve heard that an unstable internet connection is a huge problem; not one that I personally suffer with. I can imagine why... consistently impacting the player experience for other guardians. My question lies on what I can do next?! The game has given me no indication of any next moves and my internet is seriously great, I play on Ethernet on an Xbox one and my connection is rarely if never unstable so being banned for this is baffling. Anyway I’ve sent an appeal off to bungie; yet to get a response. Just wondering if anyone can suggest anything. I’d really appreciate if a bungie official or anyone helping can lend a helping hand. This is really frustrating for someone like me who loves this game (including crucible) and want to get back to impressing Shaxx immediately. HELP ME. PLEASE!



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