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オリジナルの投稿元: My Crosssave was deactivated
10/23/2020 4:27:01 AM
Hi there, As you're aware, a deactivation of Cross Save leads to a 90 day waiting period before you can reactive it. There are no exceptions to this policy, you'll have to wait the 90 days. [quote]If players disable their Cross Save for any reason they will have to wait out the 90-day lockout before they can enable Cross Save again. There are no exceptions to this policy.[/quote] Check out the [url=]Cross Save Issues[/url] thread for more information. Since you believe your account was compromised, I would suggest following the steps in the [url=]Account Security Guide[/url] to prevent any further unintended actions from taking place. There's not much more you can do other than just waiting the 90 days out.



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