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Domination Target! Xbox | 18+ | Discord - Recruiting Engaged players

Come join Domination Target to help in preparation of Beyond Light releasing on November 10, 2020. DT will always be quality members, not just quantity... You’re not just a number here!! Domination Target is a casual clan that values all our members thoughts and suggestions. DT is always on the search for more [u]ACTIVE and ENGAGING[/u] members to join and play Destiny together! We welcome any New or Veteran players that want to join our community! [b]About us:[/b] [spoiler]Most members are located in the NA area and speak English. We’ve been here since day one of Destiny 2. We’ve had our fair share of hardships as a clan through the lifespan of the game, of course we have had our ups and downs, but we’re still kicking. We are a growing clan that is made up of veteran players as well as new comers. We play all of the game modes that Bungie has to offer. DT is a place for anyone to escape reality and have a bit of fun with others. We’re a laid back bunch that appreciates everyone who even reads this message. We have a few rules here, just to keep DT going, and to not drop 6-feet underground. [/spoiler] [u]Requirements of DT:[/u] [quote]• Must be over the age of 18. (few exceptions) • Download discord and join the server, register with bot. • Be relatively active on Destiny 2. • And must be active on our discord server. • Try to help out clan mates, and ask for help when needed. • On Xbox.[/quote] [u]What we offer:[/u] [quote]• An organized Discord server. • Our own LFG scheduling system in Discord. • Raid sherpas. • Chill environment. • A “going away” channel so you’re not removed while on vacation. • An active player-base. • A “reporting” channel so members can report violations.[/quote] It may be overwhelming at first when you join. Don’t panic with rules and such, our rules are just basic common sense that everyone probably already follows unknowingly... [u][b]To Join: [/b][/u] If you’re interested in joining DT, upvote this post, and drop a reply down below. Preferably saying if you’re over the age of 18 or not. Or if you have questions before committing, just drop it down below. I’ll answer it to the best of my ability... Link to DT:



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