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10/6/2020 10:40:46 PM

Crystal encounter for Forerunner title

Alright so I know the season has been really long and it only make sense for me to have the crystal encounter by now, but somehow I don't. I've played most weeks out of the season and definitely a lot lately, I've done means to an end so many times, yet I don't have the triumph for the crystal encounter. I looked up what it was last week and I remember completing that mission, where you're breaking the crystals. It's the last thing I need for the Forerunner title and I'm really worried I won't be able to get it now if the Interference missions are going to be the new one from this weeks reset on through the end of the season. I was really banking on being able to get crystal done this week. TLDR; Can someone let me know if Crystal encounter will be coming back, and if not is there anyone on Bungie staff who could possibly help me out with getting it? I don't even know if that's a possibility because it might be too much to ask but I just feel kind of robbed about not having been able to get it with how much I've played. Thank you to anyone who is willing to read this!



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