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Exotic Armour Ideas

Below are some of my ideas for exotic armour pieces for each class. Please share your thoughts and feedback as well as your own exotic ideas! In the spoiler section I’ve put some further details about specifics of the exotics. Enjoy! Titan Exotic Name: Mountain of Steel Type: Chest Piece Caption: Titan. Like. Walls. Perk Name: Indestructible Effect: Barricade has drastically increased health at the cost of increased cooldown. Enemies that contact your barricade are temporarily blinded. Warlock Exotic Name: Assassins Gamble Type: Chest Piece Caption: You thought you had me, you thought wrong. Perk Name: Returning the Favour Effect: Damage taken during your rift cast animation heals you. Improved rift effects: - healing rift over shield charges more quickly and has more health - empowering rift further increases weapon range and additionally increases weapon base aim assist and stability Hunter Exotic Name: Skin of the Ancient Serpent Type: Chest Piece Perk Name: Wrath of the Serpent Caption: Behold my power. Effect: After dodging, mobility, recovery and resilience stats are temporarily increased to maximum at the cost of significantly increased dodge cool down. Small bump to weapon stability while perk is active. Edit: General feeling is that the hunter exotic is too strong. Maybe plus 20-30 to those stats rather than max would be more balanced. Edit 2: Perhaps the warlock chest piece can greatly speed up rift cast time rather than heal during animation. [spoiler]Additional Information Titan - thinking perhaps 800-1000HP for the barricade - 3-5 seconds increased duration - Blinding effect 2-3 seconds - Barricade cooldown increased by factor of 1.5 - 1.75 at 100 resilience, less resilience has smaller factor but fastest barricade cooldown will always be with more resilience. I haven’t looked at the cooldown times in great detail to figure the numbers out here at this stage. Warlock - Cooldown of rift not increased as it’s already quite high IMO - Overshield has perhaps 30-50 more HP. - I am undecided whether it should be the overshield or health component that recharges faster. I feel the overshield component is preferable. - Weapon aim assist bonus of 10 and stability bonus of 10 in the empowering rift Hunter - sounds OP when first reading but most hunters run 100 Mob + 100 Rec already. - Perk effect duration 12 seconds - Base dodge cooldown I only thought of for the first couple of tiers. - Tier 10 mobility - dodge cooldown 15 seconds (from 9) - Tier 9 Mobility - dodge cooldown 17 seconds (from 13) - Weapons stability bump of 15[/spoiler]



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