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10/18/2020 3:45:41 PM

Are you a Laid Back Adult on Xbox? Than get in here

[u][b]Who we are[/b][/u] We are a Clan for adults who like to play video games for fun. We are not Elitists, we are fathers, mothers, students, and working adults who like to play video games to escape the stresses of life. Our clan has been active since D1 and we are excited to start the next chapter of Destiny Beyond Light. [u][b]What we do[/b][/u] We love to Raid, play Comp, participate in events, and are looking for other laid back adults who will be active in our Destiny community. We have members who have done solo flawless dungeons, solo flawless raids, flawless trials, reached Legend in comp, and on the other side we have members who are brand new and still learning the game. We accept all skill levels as long as you are respectful and active with the clan when playing Destiny. We do NOT tolerate bad mouthing other Clan members, disrespectful behavior, or rage quitting. [u][b]How we communicate and schedule events[/b][/u] We use Band App to schedule events, LFG, and chat with each other. We require that when you are active in Destiny you are actively participating with our Clan and participating on Band when possible. We want everyone to use Band and feel free to schedule their own events. So if you’re looking for a laid back group of adults who like to play Destiny then give us a shot. Use the link below to join our Clan and our Band App.



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