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Destiny 2

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10/16/2020 9:22:06 AM

gOoDbye Bungoe

I've played 2000000 hours , killed everything , gotten all the trials wins ever , did the super exclusive event and I EVEN DID some other stuff so that makes me important. Me. I'm hugely important. Bungoe NEEDS to listen to me, here's the fixes they make do . 1) make me stop dying to clear hackers 2) make me stop dying 3) give me the eververse 4) give me gallyhorns So I'm gonna delete this game an then I'mma never ever super deluxe edition not pre order the next dlc and you totally won't see me in the que for next thing nope . Also why is everyone laggy but me I've got tons of exp in clans I've been in 434 of em . There are just bad Ugh LFG is basically cancer , guess I'll teach some blueberries how to do sotp with P.A.C (This has all been satire)
#destiny2 #satire



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