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I got two posts addressing me within a week...

"[i]And thus begins my popular phase![/i]" [spoiler]that is the most attention I remember ever receiving outside of a single post out of all my ~15 months here... Also weebart is on another pause cause my motivation isn't working[/spoiler] Here, have a chibi version of my RP character I did in under an hour out of boredom, old art redrawing, and cause Lee did one on the discord so why not. It got out of hand (yknow... cause the arm) I'm not gonna put it under Weeb Art cause this is just me drawing to draw something. -- So... How y'all doin? Having fun? Yeah... I'm just burning through some free trashy ongoing manga and watching simulcasting anime with only one episode as of late... 40 chapters fly by fast... Fun times... 👈👈😐
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