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10/5/2020 12:41:33 PM

`Revive` is back! Looking for PvP Players! [PC]

Founded on PS4 at the beginning of Destiny 2, Revive was the go-to stop for PvE players! Now, Revive has turned to PvP and PC!! We are currently building the clan from the ground up, a whole fresh start! Who are we? [spoiler] We are (Former) Competitive Destiny Players, some from D1! We are a Friendly bunch of Players with the thrive to win! We are planning on entering tournaments as soon as we have a roster for it. [/spoiler] Who are you? [spoiler] A player with a competitive mindset. A player with a brain. A player [b][u]without[/u][/b] an ego! A player that has alot of Destiny Knowledge, [/spoiler] Do you think you fit the profile? Feel free to apply to the clan. An admin will contact you shortly. [u]The recruiting process is as following[/u]; You Apply, we Reply. We talk and see if you're a good fit. Then we arrange a Private Match to see how you play. If everything is positive, we welcome you to the clan. (We do NOT appreciate clan hoppers!) [i]Loyalty Before Royalty[/i]



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