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SumPadoru-2により編集済み: 1/8/2021 7:32:23 AM

Weeb Art (Weebless Edition) - Sister Friede from Dark Souls 3

[b]Lady Elfriede[/b] Apparently an Ashen one that now resides in the Painted World of Ariandel with Father Ariandel and Simp Vilhelm. Also one of the three founding sisters of the Sable Church. Also bada%s "Return from whence thou cam'st" -- Did this cause I wanted to draw something Dark Souls 3 again, also Friede is awesome, and her Greatscythe just... Great I started this on 9/5 had a few breaks due to HW I hate tiny clothe patterns Also hate hands And the beads... oh those were whack I'm proud of the bottom dress area tho That's and the head and face. This is my first full body drawing, head to toe. Enjoy [spoiler]about time ngl[/spoiler] This was made on 9/25/20



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