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(PS4) - Endgame Clan Recruiting - 18+ - DISCORD - Mostly GMT/BST Evenings

Pack of Thieves are primarily a UK based endgame clan who are looking to recruit both experienced raiders and less experienced players who want to learn. We have some experienced players with extensive knowledge across all aspects of the game. We have selection of international members (US, EU, amongst others) but we as that members are regularly available around 8pm - 1am GMT/BST as this is our most active time We raid multiple times a week and are always willing to sherpa less experienced players in a pressure free environment. We want people to learn and help others. Aside from lots of raiding, we do all the usual stuff including Dungeons, Nightfall, Trials, Iron Bannana, Comp, Strikes, Gambit etc. We are also happy to help out with exotic quests such as Whisper and Outbreak (Before they're gone!) More than anything, we want people to join in with activities and have fun. We have a laugh nd joke but we get things done! If you're interested in joining, please contact myself or send a clan invitation request. Cheers, Zeph



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