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[PS4] Cabalmart 13-99yo, must be active, accept new and old players

[i]Hail And Well Met, My Dudes! Whether You Like To Rush In Or You're Good Out There, This Group Is For Friends To Come Together And Have A Good Time. We Always Caballin Them Prices ★[b][i]Our Requirementsb[/i][/b]★ ★[b][i]#1[/i][/b] - 5000 Clan XP a Week As It Helps Us And Helps You Have Better Perks On Your Clan Banner. ★[b][i]#2[/i][/b] - Help Other Clan Mates If Needed Even If It's Crucible Or Bounties As It Helps Both Of You And The Clan Aswell. ★[b][i]#3[/i][/b] - [b][i]Age Requirement Is Atleast 13+.[/i][/b] ★[b][i]#4[/i][/b] - If You See One Of Us Doing A Raid And Need 1 Join. [b][i]For People Who Uses Discord Please Join Our Discord.[/i][/b] ★[b]Discord Link[/b] - ★[b]Clan Link[/b] -



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