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Sumpig-2により編集済み: 9/5/2020 5:18:40 PM

Okay, this week is the only week I'll EVER be excited for an SAO episode...

[i] Now now don't get me wrong[/i] I'll hate on [u]any[/u] SAO arc that doesn't start with an "[b]A[/b]" (I count War of Underworld as part of Alicization) [i]Gun Gale Alt is chill though...[/i] Despite not really liking SAO that much, I'm still gonna catch up to the show... cause that's one of the only ongoing shows I can rely on to not dry up at the end of the day cause I've binged it all... [spoiler]So far I'm caught up with [u]War of Underworld pt2[/u] The last episode I saw was utter Isekai Protagonist Overpowered BULLCARP that I expect in every frame with Kirito. I then realize why he's on par with a god later. Literally uses the power of LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP... Oh and harem...[/spoiler] [b] The last minute[/b] of the last episode was the best part of the season imo, [i]change my mind[/i]. (I rewatched that last minute at least four times before the video was taken down.) It was also a cliff hanger akin to most season finales I've seen. But it was only episode 9. [i]So tomorrow this unrest will die with inevitable disappointment![/i] It's been bugging me and it needs to stop. [b][u]TL;DR[/u][/b] Night folks... [spoiler]Cant wait for the new Re:Zero episode on Wednesday... [i]"what's a rabbit doing here?"[/i]...[/spoiler] [spoiler]im also working on a new drawing now. Like, actually going to finish this one. Now, I wonder how this post takes the people of OffTopic...[/spoiler] Edit: SAO the big succ
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