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9/5/2020 8:58:42 AM

I have a cool suggestion(feature) for when beyond light drops

So you know that at the beginning of d2 there was a mini showcase of everything you've done up until rise of iron. I greatly suggest that you do the same for when beyond light drops. This expansion was originally going to be another game anyways and mostly everything that was in d2 is now going to go away (in other words d2 is becoming d3 but with extra steps). So, it would be pretty cool to put all the raids we've done, trials, dungeons and all the cool things of d2 until now. Idk, i don't think anyone from bungie actually reads these things but it would be nice to atleast be recognized for the countless hours I've put into these activities instead of just taking them away without any type of recognition for your time spent. Please add this feature to when beyond light drops and ill feel accomplished and in some weird way recognized. Thank You



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