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SumPadoru-2により編集済み: 9/3/2020 12:53:01 AM

Weeb Art (Doodle Edition) - Kazuma Satou from KonoSuba

"Hai hai, Kazuma desu." -- So I realize I did have something already drawn. Did this last week and totally forgot because it was a quick sketch for a school assignment that I doubt anyone saw. So I spiced it up and made it look more presentable. The hand is the weirdest so I just copied without question. The hair I'm always proud of doing, just look at those shine spots. Makes all anime hair look shinier! The face shape was one of the easier ones, having some noticeable round angles instead of a smooooth AF face. Uh everything else wasn't too bad. It's not like KonoSuba has a difficult art style or anything... What next... [spoiler]im back boiiis! School is just an obstacle to creativity![/spoiler] This was made on 9/2/20 [spoiler]Hi, if this is new to you, and wanna see past drawings (as if ;-;), hit the tag "weebart" starting all the way from Ramiel So far there's normal Weeb Arts, Doodles, and NonWeeb Edition. The later two start off with maybe a witty quote from the series, while the former starts with a trytoohardtobefunny character description and maybe series plot summary... [/spoiler]



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