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9/3/2020 5:28:58 PM

Hopefully the Behemoth is an actual monster.

No I don't mean I want it to be a strong subclass (I do of course) but rather more to the namesake of the subclass. I'm hoping this subclass focuses on being more like a monster and a whole lot less like a traditional titan set up. I get it, titans are always going to punch and slam because that's their thing, but the subclass should be more interesting than that and play in a way that should reflect the new found power, not just...every minute I can do this punch and throw this grenade like it's been for most titan subclasses. Yes they have been strong in their own way like that but those subclasses never FEEL like how they are supposed to because it only lasts a second and then you spend time waiting to be the subclass you picked again. That's gotten really old and titans have 3 and a half of those, because thundercrash has basically the same set up but it at least has a perk for when the abilities they have are down. Example: Let's say frozen enemies drop these crystals that the titan can absorb when they shatter, the titan can turn those into a stacking damage reduction and a means to reduce their melee cooldown. If they gather enough ice crystals, they can release a slam outside of super at the cost of these crystals as well as their melee charge that freezes enemies and creates ice walls. Example 2: Every 25 seconds have the ability to do a super leap (double tap crouch, like icarus dash) that can be chained into an ice slam at the cost of your charged melee. This would be a unique titan mobility tool that allows them to perform an attack like their super if they have a melee charge ready to go. You get the idea right? Something that allows them to perform in a manner that relates to their subclass in a way that is unique. The power of it is not necessarily what I'm looking for this time (again, I'd still prefer if it were actually powerful) but rather something that takes the titan and really let's them embody their subclass. I want ALL of the new subclasses to be similar in this regard where you really FEEL like that subclass.



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