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8/31/2020 10:36:26 AM

TITAN BEHEMOTH STASIS SUPER REWORK IDEA (as the current one is kinda lame and a reskin) - *Please upvote to help bungie see this* I don't want to be using a glorified middle-tree striker as my "new" stasis super

Since the titan behemoth super is just kind-of a roaming middle-tree striker with extra steps, I came up with some new ideas for it: a fresh and original design. Keep in mind I am a console player so I use console player keybinds here. Ice spike shield in left hand, Ice spike/sword in right hand: [b]R1+L1 (super)[/b] to activate Behemoth’s Might [b]L1 (grenade)[/b] makes the shield shoot a beam of ice out of it, freezing targets - shatters the shield, losing it for the duration of the super [b]L2 (ADS)[/b] guards with the shield, blocking damage and generating orbs - the shield is made of ice and depletes health somewhat quickly, which can break it and lose it for the rest of the super to balance it [b]R1 (melee)[/b] slams the sword down, freezing nearby targets in a circle around you, but losing the sword for the duration of the super - thrusts sword into the air before slam first as a wind up to balance it [b]R2 (shoot)[/b] slashes in front of you at a medium/slow speed, freezing targets on on hit - 2 hits = kill to balance it [b]Square (reload)[/b] to change the tool in one hand to the hand that was just used: ie. you use the R1 ability with your sword, but want another sword instead of the shield, so you swap the shield to your right hand and turn it into a sword - takes large chunk off of the super duration to balance it [b]Triangle (switch weapons)[/b] to use both L1 and R1 abilities [u]at the same time[/u], creating a shield beam that freezes and shatters, and the sword slam freeze and shatter- the tradeoff being your super ends there - longer charge up time to balance it [b]L1+R1 during super (super during super)[/b] changes the super to ‘shatter mode,’ so instead of the super freezing, the super shatters already-frozen targets - takes large chunk off of the super duration to balance it [u]Thanks, all :)[/u]



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