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8/27/2020 6:18:05 AM

Film Critique - Halo Legends: The Babysitter

I'm going to start reviewing Legends by my favorite episodes, cause I dont want to rewatch Origins right now... [u]actually I'll review Origins right now[/u] [b]Halo Legends: Origins I & II[/b] 1) [b]everything[/b] Forerunner and Rings expo dump is all I got from that -- [b]Conclusion[/b] it was kinna boring... -- I rate it: [u]one ODST out of 7 halo rings[/u] reasoning: [u]boo, history[/u] --——————————-- --now for the big Kahuna-- --——————————-- 1) [b]intro[/b] Starts off with epic ship intro. all good space films gotta have epic ship intro minus points We see cleft chin being held back from talking to the cool kid ODSTs (Cleft chin is the only guy that does not match the character design of the show imo... just sayin) We see the boys before dropping, and they lookin edgy. We got Aqua Lad, an absolute unit (apparently in the games or something), Spike from Cowboy Bebop, and red head Tsundere who is [i]conveniently[/i] the best shot this side of arthritis... and a spartan. They seem to hate spartans by the reaction of mr Tsund- wait... thats not a reliable base... Wouldn't it be funny if it turned out to be a girl? heh heh [spoiler]based off a dudes comment from the YouTube video, I'm calling the Spartan "[i]Griffith[/I]" later on[/spoiler] 2) [b]where we dropping boys[/b] So they drop in under cover of a meteor shower. Aqua lad gets clapped by space rocks and burns up cause he couldn't handle the epic dubz. The rest of the squad hit dirt, except Red head. He falls into a dang swamp level The Spartan saves him, and will save him multiple times throughout the show, so lets count now [1] 3) [b]Journey to the Weast[/b] Objective of the journey is to clap the prophet upon touchdown and collect data on "ye olde ruins" Ima just say it here. I like the animation and art of this episode. Feels like a neat 2010s anime and the scenery is purtty. Is it the best? no ive seen better. But its pretty good nonetheless. Anyways, the squad is marching off to Tomato Town when they encounter that a covenant squad is already there and looting. They melee a few... except red head... he messes up and shoots a grunt with a blue pulse rifle. What he doesnt notice is the Brute behind him. but he's saved by the Spartan's intervention. [thats 2] Red head is nearly flung off a cliff and loses his rifle and sniper. Spartan does ballet with the Brute and eventually kicks it off the cliff [i]remember[/i]: [u]NO BODY, NO PROOF[/u] good advice when you're committing a homicide, and determining whether a character is dead or not. Spartan then pulls Red out of the waterfall and princess holds him back [thats 3] NOTE: you can see the potential of nice chemistry... that chemistry is also a death flag 4) [b]Victory Royale[/b] The squad makes it to the snipers nest and awaits for the Prophet. They set up the golden bolt action and the spartan plugs themself into the scope. Everyone is waiting patiently. Prophet touches down, Spartan about to make the shot when SUDDENLY PINEAPP- no no, suddenly A BRUTE, [u]the same one that fell down the waterfall[/u], managed to SNEAK UP ON A GROUP OF TRAINED MILITARY PERSONNEL (ODST's too), AS WELL AS, might I add, [b]A SPARTAN[/b] now I'm not one with much knowledge on Brutes... but how does that [i][u]injured[/u][/i] hunk of a unit sneak? I mean sure, the Spartan heard as the Brute war cried his position away. and it gave it position away, and it came through the hall but still... well lets chalk it down to difference in reaction times... (the dude fell down a waterfall and lost an eye!) So spartan saves red head from hammer [thats 4] In the process, Spartan is downed and big boy ODST finishes off the brute. They take off the helmet and OH MY GOD ITS A GIR- anyways I called it. now ima call her Griffith cause I forgot her real name. "Griffith" tells red head to take the shot cause... yeah he goes and takes to 2 mile shot Without any aids he makes the shot form 2 miles, proving he was the best shooter this side of arithmetic. Red head got them that sweet sweet victory Royale and now they gotta head for evac- but WAIT remember that death flag? well here it is cause Griffith is on the brink of death. She (I dont care if Griffith is a guy) hands over the Crimson Behe- I mean the temple data to Spike, and she dies. 5) [b]got the bread... but at what cost? (¢69)[/b] So, the gal dies. thats kinna sad but as we all know... Love is War [spoiler]is a good show. I need to binge s2 soon[/spoiler] So the squad is back on the ship, and Cleft Chin McGuffin (or Donner) sits with the homies, then he starts dissing Griffith by calling her the equivalent of a blueberry on their first squad up. He gets apple'd to death- uh, apple'd away. Red head stares gloomily into the distance. -- [b]Conclusion[/b] O'Brian got saved 4 times... two kills and an assist. not so bad O'Brian's sniper slide was smooooooooth. Nice job. Saw some change of heart on spartans, O'brian needs to get good... Really, O'Brian and the Spartan were the main characters. And that spartan helped O'Brian grow from a jealous child to a broody teen. (I dunno what to put here. The art and animation was pretty good.) -- I rate it: [u]5 God Hands out of 1 Crimson Behelit[/u] reasoning: [u]I just think it's really neat. Got some character development out of the Tsundere[/u] [b]Funny of the Film!![/b] ([i]god don't strike me down for this[/i]) --[i]The black guy died first[/i]-- [spoiler][b]Prototype[/b] or [b]Odd One Out[/b] next?[/spoiler]
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