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8/25/2020 2:43:21 PM

No Man's Sky: Quick Money Guide

One of the issues that I have seen floating around Offtopic is: how do I get millions of units like these other guys? I have decided to answer that question. If you are doing Normal mode, the ideal choice is cobalt and ionized cobalt. Cobalt is found in almost every space station, and can be acquired by mining underground minerals. Ionized cobalt, though more rarely found at space stations, is a far bigger money making tool than cobalt. Ionized cobalt is easily found on planets with Vortex Cubes, which give Tetra Cobalt and Vortex Cubes when interacted with. Tetra Cobalt can be refined into ionized cobalt. [b]No matter what, do not sell Tetra Cobalt because it looks expensive. You are losing money.[/b] The idea is to sell the materials only at terminals selling the materials. Then buy it back at reduced price and teleport to the next space station and repeat. In Survival mode, start out with the cobalt methods, then move up to Wiring Looms. They are more expensive, but it takes less room on Survival/Permadeath to gain the same money as the cobalt method. Only sell Wiring Looms at terminals selling Wiring Looms. This ensures that you can buy back the resources and move on to the next station. These methods require: Access to multiple space stations Time The understanding of the differences between inventory per mode Large enough inventory (I recommend a decent sized hauler ship) A planet with Subterranean Relics for Vortex Cubes (If there are Humming Sacs on the planet, there will not be Subterranean Relics)



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