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8/25/2020 3:33:24 AM

I finished Berserk Saturday

[Obligatory [i]"GRIFFIIIIIIITH!"[/i]] Manga of course. Thanks Dark Souls 3 for giving me the motivation to get addicted to yet ANOTHER unfinished manga. 321 chapters... easy Took me a week, and a fine week it was. Ended up on Vol 22 starting at 11 in one night. Was worth staying up till 1 I'd say. Ngl I didn't expect things to be uncensored from the top up, though it's usually the case with mangas... but hey, it's not like it constantly plagues my mind!! Heh (._. ) moving on... Let's see... it gets way happier after Puck, so that's neat. I'm just glad the good bit came before the last current chapter. Like around ch359? I mean, it's not over but at least it's at a good point [spoiler]who asked? No one. I'm bored Why now? I just took too long typing this otherwise I'd have it done yesterday[/spoiler] I'd say Griffith's an arse, but ya can't argue with results.
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