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Weeb Art (Doodle Edition) - Hatoko from When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace

[i]Wakanai Yo![/i] -- I didn't know what to draw, I wanted to do a weebart again, and so I chose to do a doodle edition. Then I chose the last crying anime face I remember and this happened. Top right is Shinji's foot if you remember that. Had to intrude his circle a bit. I chose this character because in episode... 6 or 8?... she goes on a full on rant that lasts two and a half minutes. Meanwhile the MC takes it like a champ and stands there as he's slammed on. That also got me watching the show and I gotta say... that was the only part worth watching for... it kinna sucked. It's also a harem anime so that also sucked... The hardest part was the hair because hair sucks but not as badly as hands. Also it's hard to shade light hair without making the shadows look like black highlights. Only cause my erasers are too [b]dummythicc[/b] As always, eyes and tears are easiest And this was a doodle edition so quality was on the lower than usual this time. I did this last night and kinda tired. [spoiler]Anyways yeah Last post of summer break, I start school Monday and these scarce posts will become scarcer! Can't wait for the next one that comes around![/spoiler] This was made on 8/15/20



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