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8/18/2020 3:51:12 PM

Alone Pt. 2 (Story, short)

[spoiler]It's about time![/spoiler] The Living Ship sways as two Sentinel fighters fly insanely close. It glides around the hull of the carrier, avoiding fire from the turrets. Jack increases the thrust in the hopes of escaping from the ship. The dreadnaught focuses its fire on the small bio-machine that has caused them so much loss. Jack twists around behind it and enters its blind spot. He fires at the engine in the hopes of immobilizing it and taking it down. The engine shudders slightly, but takes the damage. The Sentinel fighters swarm back around, attacking in a large group. Jack flies his ship past them and swings around behind them. He fires and multiple ships erupt like miniature volcanoes. He fires into the engine of the dreadnaught. It flickers off as the Living Ship's powerful glare burns through the hull like a greased pig. The turrets sway back around, finally able to get a good shot. The Living Ship screams as the lasers impact, tearing through the shields. Multiple dreadnaughts warp in and begin to fire. Jack shunts his Pugnium through the organs of the ship. The hull heals and Jack maneuvers away from the dreadnaughts, eventually leaving the suppression field. He pulses away and activates his hyperdrive. Jack takes off his helmet and rubs his eyes. The Sentinels never hunted like that, and never coordinated. They were unintelligent machines, their only purpose was to sow discord. Yet here they planned, set a trap, and nearly killed him. He looks at his account on the Galactic Market and decides one thing. There is a way to fight after all. One day, he would not fight alone.



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