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8/19/2020 3:36:31 AM

Meet the Recruits Pt. 1

Jack's feet scrape along the grass as he straightens up in his sitting position. "What do you think?" Silence falls on the party as they contemplate. A breeze rustles through Jack's hair. Finally the lead beaked reptile speaks. "We have suffered under the Korvax for breaking our bonds. The Sentinels, Vy'keen, and even our Gek brothers have persecuted us for being of First Spawn blood. We are strong warriors, capable. You need help. You give us the chance to be greater." It turns to its comrades. " Do we accept? " The Gek nod gravely. "Then we are at your command, Traveler." Jack fits his helmet back on his head. "Your armor will need replacement, as will your weapons. You shall be the Third Spawn. Guardians. Protectors." The Gek and the Traveler wander for days, harvesting resources and finding ships. They would build for the Journey.



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