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Slingshot120により編集済み: 8/17/2020 9:55:53 PM

Can we get a Call of Duty Zombies like game mode???

I'm not saying make it so we have to buy guns off a wall but all I want is a activity were you can pick a enemy type, aggression, and arena, just for fun. I'm not saying make it so if we clear 100 waves of ads we get loot but just make it so the activity gives 0 loot of any kind (except glimmer maybe). I just think it would be fun to test builds in what would be relevant to a end game pve activity without having other people get in the way of your build or just to see how long can you last. I just feel it would be fun to hop in solo with your favorite ad clear exotic or your friends and just destroy everything. Even make it a official activity and what I said up there make that custom games for all I care i just wanna destroy stuff and not have it end in 10 minutes or me being blocked from using my build by other people.
#fun #destiny2 #pve



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