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SumPadoru-2により編集済み: 8/13/2020 8:46:17 AM

Weeb Art (Weebless Edition) - Mausoleum Lookout from Dark Souls 3

// [spoiler]this is the place down the stairs behind the Judicator (giant, archer summoner) close to the Inner Wall bonfire[/spoiler] // You know it's gonna get funky when you can see an empty stretch of land from the first bonfire and hear a loud roar the second you step down the stairs... I have never been more intimidated by arrows in my life. [i]But hey, it's a good invading place![/i] -- [u]Originally[/u] I was going to draw the Ringed City Hollow that pushes you off the ledge from inside the alcove (terribly too, if I might add) I scrapped that idea after taking about three/four days to finish the tiles on the floor, let alone the walls in the back and the pillars Then the mountains on the right and the city below took about an hour or so total (did them separately, city was a geometric pain) This whole thing took about a week (mostly due to neglect and fear of drawing worn down tiles) [spoiler]god I hate tiles, but it makes up 80% of the game's environments[/spoiler] Anyways, it's just my character's back... I took a great liking to the Drang outfit (the Jon Snow or whosit one... idk I never watched) That paired with the Elite Knight helm (cause that's an obvious choice) look pretty decent I also didn't bother with weapons cause that'll just hurt me more as I'll have to erase scenery. And I like those stone bricks on the side. But if I did it would be Friede's Great Scythe cause that thing is awesome. There's also vegetation growing on the walls in the distance, if you couldn't tell. I'm proud of how that turned out though if it's unrecognizable then that's unfortunate. [spoiler]ive been drawing a few DS3 things recently, and that's cause it's a good game. The next one is gonna be Dark Souls as well (cause I already drew it) but I'll try get back to anime drawings. It's weebart after all[/spoiler] This was made on 8/12/20 // If I get around to adding the push guy, I'll post it again. Though it's unlikely... so don't worry. Oh, and I'm back! //



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