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8/11/2020 10:12:11 AM

Don't you just love invading?

[spoiler]this is about Dark Souls 3 btw[/spoiler] You wait a few minutes to find a match Only to be met with a three-stack (maybe four of you're lucky!) and no one on your side so you've gotta search again... (Mainly cause said group put you down faster than a rabid pup) [i]Gotta love ganks and down pointers![/i] I try to at least be civil about it by waving first, but sometimes it doesn't work... Usually in the ganks... [spoiler]Anyways I just collected all 30 medals I needed for the Sunbro covenant, [i]praise the sun.[/i] Honestly, I'd farm if I didn't have such low item discovery or such low patience to kill something over and over again when I could guarantee get it by successfully killing someone. Next build, I'm putting all my points into Luck... So, now I'm on to the next covenant. I was suggested Mound Makers, but after a bit of digging, I realize Aldrich Faithful holds the only sorcery left for my trophy, so I'm doing Gank Guardians first, then the KillEveryone Kult.[/spoiler] So... What's your favorite invasion spot(s)? Mine is [b]Mausoleum Lookout [/b](Ringed City) and [b]Mountain Pass[/b] (AoAriandel) because if [b]I[/b] can't kill them, [i]Phantom Archers/Boulder Basher/Literally Dragons or Paint Vikings can![/i] [spoiler]im bored Entertain me please...[/spoiler]
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